135 shows, 22 countries, 18 months..... 3 million fans in attendance. From our heart to yours THANK YOU for making this last year and a half on the road so spectacular. We have the best jobs in the world and it's all because you believe in us and help us stay on this crazy ride. We will see you all again shortly, friends. Thanks for making our 2010/2011 tour one of the best!
~ The Band, as posted on their Facebook page at the end of the tour.

BJCT Downloads and Contact

We have lots of things out there for you, and single links at which to get them.

All the MP4/MP3 files are on our MediaFire page. There's no charge, no waiting. The only caveat is you have to download one item at a time unless you already have a MediaFire Pro account. You do *not* need to purchase anything to enjoy these downloads.

We have a YouTube account where we are keeping playlists for each of the shows, as well as a "Best Of" playlist, and a "Rarities" one. Suggestions here are greatly welcome!

All public-domain photos (from news sources, official websites, etc) and photos we get permission to copy are uploaded to our PhotoBucket account. We also will link to albums we find from Flickr, PB, and other sources.

If you want to send us an email, you can write to the BJCT Blog Team, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. You can also reach out to any of the individuals involved with the blog.