135 shows, 22 countries, 18 months..... 3 million fans in attendance. From our heart to yours THANK YOU for making this last year and a half on the road so spectacular. We have the best jobs in the world and it's all because you believe in us and help us stay on this crazy ride. We will see you all again shortly, friends. Thanks for making our 2010/2011 tour one of the best!
~ The Band, as posted on their Facebook page at the end of the tour.

Welcome to the BJCT Blog!

This blog site was launched in late 2009 by a bunch of Bon Jovi fans who have become friends over the course of their fandom. The idea is to gather all the yummy goodness of the 2009-2011 Circle Tour in one spot. Other fan sites do a similar/the same kind of thing, but we wanted to put EVERYTHING in one place rather than just direct you to other places to get what you need.

Each post in this blog will be for a single show. In that post will be (pending availability of course):
  • The setlist for the show
  • Links to on-line video footage if available (from YouTube or other sites)
  • A link to a MediaFire folder with the videos, mp3 rips and full bootlegs
  • Links to Torrents of file sets too large for MediaFire
  • Links to photo albums (including the BJCT PhotoBucket) into which the BJCT Blog Team will gather whatever photographs they can find -- yours for the taking of course
  • A section for links to reviews, other blogs, etc., that have tour information in them for that particular show.
  • A link to the YouTube playlist for the show.

We know this is a HUGE undertaking.

We can't promise that we'll find everything. Speaking for myself, there are some days where I can't find my butt with my own two hands. But we're gonna give it the ol' college try.

And we're reaching out to you for help.

At the bottom of this welcome message is a link to a special email address set up for The Circle Tour. Send whatever links, pics, etc., you can find to that address, and the team will get that into the file shares for the appropriate day.

The message you send should contain the concert date and location, just so we don't get confused. If you'd prefer *not* to be thanked publicly for your contributions, let us know, and we will keep your name confidential. In fact there are a couple of people helping with the blog who prefer to remain nameless, hence the setting up of the new email and file share accounts.

We're excited about this project, and hope we can see it through.

Any suggestions you have are more than welcome. Either leave a comment on one of the show posts, or send an email to the address below.

We hope you want to be a part of putting this site together. If not, we sincerely hope you enjoy it!

~ Hath & Friends

Send us an email if you have questions, contributions, complaints, whatever!